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Strange Ways People Promote Themselves (And Why This Might Work for You)

There are many examples—both remarkable successes and spectacular failures—of instances wherein people use promotional methods that are, well, less than conventional. You can learn from their experiences when considering how to promote your own brand. Of course, the team at CP Solutions also knows a thing or two about brand promotion and would be happy to help you out!

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The Science of Effective Marketing

There is more than a fair amount of art when it comes to marketing a business online. After all, most components contain some combination of words, pictures, and video – all of which are creative endeavors. However, there is more science behind effective marketing than you might realize, even in the artistic elements.

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Meet Sarah Baar

Meet Sarah Baar    “I contain multitudes.”   Sarah, one of our account managers, got a little philosophical when we chatted about what to include in the very blog you’re reading now. (Which is pretty easy to do when you’re a Whitman fan.)  Nonetheless, the...

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Why Brand Ambassadors are so Important for Your Business

Why Brand Ambassadors are so Important for Your Business  Almost as good as being ambassador to the Bahamas!   Listen up! Today we are talking about brand ambassadors and why they are so important for growing your business.  And we’re going to kick this off by...

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Meet Amanda Roth

Our client services coordinator, Amanda Roth, loves learning about clients and helping them achieve their goals. Even more so, she loves spending time in the great outdoors with her dog, Ranger, and being active – no matter if that means hiking, horseback riding, or snowmobiling.

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