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Meet Don Huntley

  Every workplace has that one employee who will take some creative liberties on things—one who, when asked to share a fun fact for a team building exercise, will make up a story about diving a plane into the Gulf of Mexico. Don Huntley, our video marketing...

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Brand Loyalty’s Role in Your Marketing Efforts

  People can be fiercely defensive of the strangest things.   Sure, you probably get someone taking a stand on the matters which are near and dear to the heart. Family, religious beliefs, political opinions? Yep, those all make sense. After all, they are incredibly...

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8 Ways to Tell if Your Digital Marketing Plan is Working

  A good plan requires three things: an established goal, the actions to reach it, and the flexibility to change course as needed.   A big part of that flexibility is knowing whether the actions you’re taking are making progress. Not having that knowledge is like...

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Tyler Cady

“Not everyone can be mistake-free like me.” -Tyler Cady  One of the first things you notice about Tyler Cady after meeting him is his sense of humor. He likes to have fun! He’s not above cracking a friendly joke at a teammate’s (usually Cody’s) expense—though to his...

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New Website? Time to Start Planning Version 2.0!

  It’d be great if you could design a website and then walk away knowing it will be relevant forever. Of course, it would also be great if Ryan Gosling returned our phone calls, but that’s not happening either. (C’mon, Ryan, call us back!)    If you’ve been to our CPS...

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