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The Digital Opps Podcast (2/20/2020)

All marketing, regardless as to the industry, has its respective challenges. In the case of medical marketing, a prime hurdle is HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA might be great for protecting the privacy of patients, but it makes for some definite headaches when your goal is to market a medical practice.

Fortunately, industry experts—like our own Lori Hibma—know what it takes to work within established limitations.

When Lori was interviewed on The Digital Opps Podcast by Michael David Winn (Chief Digital Officer of Digital Opps), she dropped a lot of knowledge and answered essential questions like:

  • What are challenges doctors face in online advertising and HIPAA regulations?
  • What can get your ad kicked out or contribute to poor performance?
  • What can medical professionals do that works?
  • How can you work within limitations established by HIPAA regulations?
  • Intent-based search, paid social media ads – what’s working?

To get the answers to these questions and learn even more from an agency leader who’s been helping medical practices across the U.S. connect with their ideal patients, check out this episode of The Digital Opps Podcast today!

Listen to it here and then share with your friends (to keep them in the loop too)!

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