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SEO is How You Earn the Spotlight

Having an online presence is a lot like trying to find stardom. It’s often not enough to just put yourself out there; you have to get recognized by somebody with the influence to put you in front of even more people. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the means by which a website is tailored to appeal toward receiving higher rankings on search results pages.  

In other words, search engines like Google are the record company scouts, and SEO is how you audition to earn the spots you want on their labels. And an SEO specialist like us here at CP Solutions? That makes us your agent, promoting you with the best strategies possible! 

All right, no more music industry analogies; we promise. 

What Does It Take for a Good SEO Strategy?

In the younger days of the internet, people would often stuff their webpages with keywords for search engines to find and categorize in their results. As time has passed, however, the ways that search engines use to determine the ranking worthiness of websites has matured.  

Hiding keywords in white text at the bottom of your page just doesn’t cut it anymore (and can even be detrimental!). 

A good SEO strategy approaches the challenge from a number of different angles. It also streamlines and narrows the focus of its strategy toward hitting certain goals.  

It’s impossible to be at the top of every search, so it is vital to know the types of searches you want to attract.  

The following factors are part of a comprehensive website SEO roadmap: 

A Technical Audit and Website Fixes

First things first: your website should perform well. As a search engine like Google crawls across websites to gather data for its ranking decisions, it is considering more than just content. It is also considering the speed at which your website loads, whether it has any broken links, how many links redirect from other pages, and other quality factors.

Even if you have the best content on your pages, your rankings can still take a hit from technical shortcomings.

CP Solutions uses auditing software specially designed for identifying current and potential issues, then goes in and corrects them.

Competitor Research

Having a good SEO strategy in itself is essential, but it’s not wise to treat it as a game of solitaire.

If you have competition (and it’s very likely you do), they may be employing their own strategies that can butt up against yours!

Researching your rivals’ search rankings, content, and other marketing factors can help better shape your own strategy to be more effective.

If a competitor is outpacing you in a certain way, it may pay to increase focus in that area. In other cases, it might be better to perform an end run and shift focus to a different area or approach.

Either way, knowing your rivals makes for better tactics.

Keyword Research

Proper SEO is not just about getting traffic to your website, but getting the right kind of traffic.

Who is your primary audience?

Where are they located?

What words are they searching for to find what they want online?

Using this information effectively provides an advantage in tailoring your content so, when they do search those words, they’re more likely to find that their answers lie with you.

Again, going back to the days of keyword-stuffing is not what this facet of research is about. The keywords you target must be used in ways that attract people to engage and spend time on your pages., providing them real value. Google cares much more about this now than how many times a keyword appears.

And frankly, if you care about your potential customers, you should too.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

One of the factors Google utilizes to determine higher-ranking sources is the amount of time users who searched for certain things ultimately spend on that source. The higher the average time per visitor, the more likely Google will boost a page’s ranking for certain keywords. The best way to reach these heights? Engaging, appealing, and informative content. An average of 2 minutes is a respectable goal, but reaching higher averages is even better.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) Optimization

“Wait,” we can hear you thinking. “Off-page? Does that mean I have to worry about stuff that’s not on my actual website?!” Well, yes! But it’s not that bad.

On-page SEO includes items you have direct control over: title tags, headings, image alt text, URLs, and the like. A lot of these items come up in the technical audits we mentioned above.

Off-page SEO refers to the way other websites refer to your own.

The biggest factor in this judgment is the number of links you have on other sites to your own (i.e. backlinks) and the authority of those websites. If Google sees websites it holds in high regard linking to yours, it will see yours in a higher regard, too.

Having great content to link to is the foundation of acquiring good backlinks, and a little reaching out toward websites can also work wonders.

The Hat Your Strategy Lies Under is Important

You may have already seen some hints of it in our descriptions, but CP Solutions believes in an SEO strategy that rewards long-term investment in a website and keeping a visitor’s best interests in mind.

This is known as “white hat” SEO, and it’s what gets businesses seen as trusted authorities over time.

It may be tempting to play a sneakier “black-hat” strategy with SEO that focuses only on taking advantage of search engine algorithms. Not only might this get a website banned from a search engine, but these ways typically don’t appeal to users in the long-run, either.

People aren’t robots. They can tell when something is built to address their needs as opposed to something made to make a quick buck.

Compassion toward customers will ultimately win every time.

The best SEO strategy combines the technical work search engines crave with the creative aplomb people love.

Both these elements work together to get your pages climbing the ranks!

We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss your goals for attracting more customers. Give us a call today to get started.

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