Meet Mallory Huizenga (and Findley!)

As a client of CP Solutions, you’ll likely meet and get to know several of the friendly folks working on your digital marketing. But Mallory Huizenga will probably be the first.

We wouldn’t have it any other way, either.

As Senior Project Manager, Mallory coordinates the onboarding efforts between new clients and our team to ensure we’re hitting all the right goals out of the gate. We feel she has exactly the right qualities for taking on this important task: an amiable demeanor and a willingness to explore.

(She also has a large, cute dog. It doesn’t necessarily help the onboarding process, but he’s crucial to our culture nonetheless.)

A Well-Traveled Adventurer

While Mallory has always lived in our area, she’s not one to be a homebody. Her adventurous side comes out in her travels.

From hiking the woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to strolling the lighted streets of Paris, to spending five weeks on a bison farm in Montana, Mallory is not afraid to go out into the world. She’s no jet-setter, though. Quiet, low-key experiences are the ones she prefers.

When staying local, you can frequently find Mallory outdoors, whether heading out to local coffee shops or hiking up north. She loves the Holland farmer’s market in the summer, as well as hunting for beach glass (or Petoskey stones!) along the lakeshore. She admits that walking the sands isn’t always so fun when they’re crowded with coolers and beach towels, but they tend to be a lot more open during winter (go figure).

Meet Findley!

A significant part of Mallory’s talent as our senior project manager lies in her ability to embrace and roll with the uncommon and unexpected. Her golden retriever, Findley, is a testament to that.

The original goal was to find an outdoor dog, but one who was cut from a gentle and relaxed cloth. What she found instead was a quirky, bouncy, intelligent ball of energy.

Findley is far from a disappointment, though. Although his personality didn’t match what she was first looking for, Mallory believes he fits the bill for what she didn’t realize she needed in her life.

Her fortune reminds her of a quote from one of her favorite authors, J.R.R. Tolkien: “You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it’s not always quite the something you were after.”

While Findley can be a rocket outdoors, he tends to be very well behaved on days he visits our office (although there was that time he managed to sneak off with a toy that belongs to another one of our canine temps). He tends to stay calm by Mallory’s side, or sprawls out on his favorite blanket.

Telling YOUR Story

When Mallory talks with a new client for the first time, it’s like a little exploration of its own. She never knows just quite what to expect, but the goals are always clear.

“The biggest thing is understanding what the client is hoping for,” she said. “What’s their story? Try to understand what matters to them and what specifically makes them excited to come to work every day.”

Establishing a new client’s goals and focus is crucial. Once Mallory understands them, she communicates them to the CP Solutions team and begins organizing a strategy toward achieving them. Her plan is to establish a “rhythm of coordination” (as she calls it) between the two camps.

“I make sure to properly explain the process, address any questions,” she said. “We’re here to support them and make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Communication is the key between both parties.”

When the onboarding process is completed, Mallory passes everything over to an account manager, and things start over again with another new client. We owe our great campaign launches to her, and she owns a piece of the accomplishments we achieve even if she’s not directly involved with them at that time.

That’s likely fine with her, though. She’s on to venture out and meet the next story out there.

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