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Running your plastic surgery practice without using effective marketing is like trying to row a boat without a paddle. Sure, maybe you can get where you’re trying to go, but you really shouldn’t bet on it.

At the same time, you likely became a plastic surgeon because you wanted to help others feel better about themselves—not because you wanted to become a full-time marketer!

The good news is that you can market to your potential plastic surgery client’s with and agency that understand what marketing plans you need, without having to do it all yourself.

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Instead, let’s start with a quick look at why marketing is essential for your practice’s success.

Marketing and Your Practice

If you don’t already use the best current marketing tactics to promote your practice and brand, you’re missing a huge opportunity for growing your practice. Even worse, you could be losing ground to competitors who are using the internet to their advantage—and capitalizing.

That’s especially concerning in a hyper-competitive market like plastic surgery!

So what makes marketing such an important consideration in this day and age? Well, in addition to the other reasons you’ll see shortly, the biggest is one you can likely find right now in your palm, pocket, or purse:


(Or, as the kids all call them nowadays, just “phones”…)

It’s no big, shocking secret that the world has gone mobile. Stand in your waiting room, look around, and what do you see?

We’re not clairvoyant, but we can basically state it as a fact that you’ll see people on their phones—just like everywhere else in our society.

Further, if your car was making strange noises and you’re new in town (and don’t have a regular mechanic yet), what would you do? In all likelihood, you’d pull out your phone and search Google for a mechanic, right?

Now, think about that patient out there who wants to feel better about their body. They are  considering plastic surgery, but needs to determine things like:

Is plastic surgery right the right choice?

Where should they go?

Who should they trust to do the procedure(s)?

It’s only natural that they are going to use the internet to determine their options—and we’re inclined to think your practice should be one of them!

Phones are certainly a major reason you need to market your practice, but we need to break this down a bit more:

Improve your website’s rankings.

The keystone of your marketing efforts, whether you’re aware or not, is your plastic surgery website. And because that’s true, you need to take every measure possible to improve where your practice’s site appears in search engine results. After all, how often do you venture past the first or second page of Google? Probably never. That’s why you need to use proven marketing techniques for optimal search engine rankings.

Engage with patients.

When people go online nowadays, they want a more interactive experience. The popularity and prevalence of social media is a prime example of that—and a key reason you must use this particular marketing element to create and maintain brand loyalty for your practice. (Especially in the field of plastic surgery!)

Provide value.

There are a couple of different ways of looking at this. First, you offer value to site visitors who have questions that your site answers for them. And when they do come to your site, they should be able to find answers and information easily (which highlights the importance of intelligent site layout, logical and compelling content, and eye-pleasing graphic design).

Beyond answers to their questions, you should also provide value through strategic offers—which is a part of your marketing sales funnel. Done correctly, this is connected to your email marketing and regularly updated content.

Capitalize Effectively on Your Marketing

You hopefully have an understanding now as to why your plastic surgery practice needs to use strategic marketing, so it’s time to switch gears and cover how you can do this.

There are essentially two different paths for marketing—do-it-yourself or hire professionals.

This is a great time for certain do-it-yourself projects. If you want to build a dresser, remodel your home, or knit a sweater, head to YouTube and do a quick search. You will often be able to find a video that shows you how to do whatever it is you want to do.

Marketing, however, is not one of those projects!

There’s so much more to learn, and the best digital marketing practices are constantly changing and being updated. You can spend countless hours just learning everything you need to know to create your practice’s marketing plan—to say nothing of the time it will take to actually implement it.

So you could do all of that—and, you know, spend time performing surgeries, running the practice, ensuring compliance with regulations, fulfilling family and home obligations, relaxing (ha!), etc.—or you could trust experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable experts to handle your practice’s marketing for you.

Fortunately, we have a hard-working, talented team of people who know what it takes to put you ahead of the competition—and make sure you stay there!

Your Next Step

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