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Increase Overall Sessions


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Bosch’s Landscape and Lawn Specialties is a local company primarily focusing on designing and installing beautiful lawns, gardens, and other outdoor elements for their customers. Whereas Bosch’s provides outstanding services, their old website was underperforming before they came to see CP Solutions.

The old Bosch’s site was not up to speed in current SEO practices, and this was reflected in poor search engine rankings. That was a problem because it’s difficult to garner new business if your company isn’t being found online.

In particular, our team focused on improving their local search results—a necessary element so your business is found by potential customers who actually live in your target market.

Within their first few months of working with CP Solutions, our agency was able to push Bosch’s website up to the top of organic rankings throughout the West Michigan community. This was accomplished by using a strategic approach to content, SEO, and branding.

These efforts led to an increase in:


Site visits (+2%)


New users (+16%)


Overall sessions (+12%)

Our approach to handling Bosch’s account entailed advanced keyword research, competitor analysis, and initial website auditing. Along with optimizing click-through rates, we were able to help our client see those results quickly.

Sure, the increased traffic was important for allowing Bosch to start generating business from new customers, but it’s not the end of the story.




Bosch’s Landscape and Lawn Specialties, INC


SM Management


SEO / Website Management

Local SEO

Graphic Design

Photography & Videography

Email Marketing


Site visits (+2%)

New users (+16%)

Overall sessions (+12%)

Calls from website (from 0 up to 89 to-date)

Increased traffic from mobile devices

Increased conversion rates (+57%)

Increase in Facebook page likes (+49%) and reach (+30%)

Given the visual nature of Bosch’s work, we based part of our strategy on highlighting various projects of theirs and featuring them prominently on the site. In doing so, we determined that having our team go on location and take photos would be more effective than using stock photos.

This strategy has contributed in results like calls coming directly from Bosch’s site (from 0 up to 89 to-date), increased traffic from mobile devices, and an impressive growth in conversion rates (+57%).

Along with the website build and SEO work, other services we provide for this client include email and social media marketing. In fact, email campaigns are responsible for 14% of clicks to the site and almost 10% of visitors come from social media platforms.

The traffic coming from social media is especially great to see because our team’s engagement has contributed to an increase in Facebook page likes (+49%) and reach (+30%).

All the results Bosch’s has seen—and continues to see—really highlights the importance of:

Having a website that both looks amazing and is user-friendly (especially in regards to making it as easy as possible for potential customers to contact you).

Utilizing best current SEO practices to improve local search results.

Creating effective email and social media marketing strategies to draw additional traffic to your website.

Our digital marketing services have worked for Bosch’s, and they can work for you too!

Simply give us a call today at (833) 622-0907 and let’s discuss your marketing needs and how we can help you find the business growth you hope to see.

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