Nurture leads into customers; customers into promoters.

Intrigued by the uses and potential of email marketing? This indicates you’re in one of the following groups:

“Email marketing sounds like a good fit, however…”

Your data is completely disjointed. You’re keeping personal customers within an Excel file. Though this may be a great system for yourself, you’ve got a multitude of other processes being conducted within the company. a co-worker named John has data held on his phone, Bob works with customers on a regular basis but operates from memory. While Kevin directly works with a Word document stored in the cloud.

At the end of the day, you’re missing a true-formal list of your client base or of the recent leads you’ve acquired. Here’s the problem though. There’s no time for your company to internally manage your lists, your minds are pre-occupied with developing your business. It’s time to gather additional support to begin collecting and properly organizing customer and prospect information.


“I’ve been doing email marketing, but it’s time for a refresh.”

Perhaps you’ve recently updated your entire database. You updated the formatting of all contact information, removed duplicates, began segmenting and marketing to your client base. The best part? You’re starting to see results from your efforts! There’s only so much daylight available though unless you enjoy burning the midnight oil.

We’ve helped develop and execute strategies for company databases that have gathered for one month and even some that have accumulated for multiple years. Regardless of how large or small your list currently is, CP Solutions is equipped to implement strategies to drive more opportunities and sales growth.

Our Approach to Optimizing Your Database:

01. List Organization

First, a bit of housekeeping is needed before the real meat-and-potatoes can be delved into.

Once your database is trimmed and cut, the segmentation of your email marketing lists will begin. The importance of list segmentation ensures we’re always sending ideal content to ideal users. Sending customer onboarding data to someone that recently became a lead simply isn’t acceptable.

Our goal is to drive tailored content, meant to make the buyer’s decision to work with you much easier.


02. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In layman’s terms, a CRM tool is what’s used at the epicenter of your email marketing efforts. It’s what enables you to build relationships with your customers.

Now the idea behind nurturing your existing customers into delighted ones is based on the fundamentals of creating a meaningful relationship; communication. Keeping in constant contact with previous and current customers helps keep you at the front of their minds and to relay additional solutions they may not be aware you provide.

By connecting with clients regularly with relevant information and consistent touch-points, you’ll begin to mold delighted customers into brand promoters.

03. Engage Your Leads

Leads are accrued through referrals, trade shows, your website, social media, and many other forms of advertising. Engaging these leads with timely and relevant content keeps you in front of them at all times.

The goal is to deliver information to prospects that will help resolve their problems. They are considering becoming a client for a reason. At which point you need to capitalize by leading them to the proper solution.


04. Retarget Lost Opportunities

As much as we all wish it were true, landing 100% of your leads just isn’t possible. It is, however, possible to retarget old leads.

Imagine a lead arrived that fit 75% of your criteria but simply lacked the ambition or revenue at the time to proceed forward. The beauty of email marketing is that you are now empowered to reconnect with this lead in an organic fashion.

Regularly reviewing old members of your lists holds great potential to uncover hidden revenue.

05. Utilize Tracking Features

Keeping lists organized and developing a consistent stream of content is great, but how can you be certain your efforts are paying off? That’s where data tracking comes in and thankfully, data is what we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

The key to maintaining successful email marketing campaigns is held within your ability to track user data and take action on it. Reviewing data can help you uncover what forms of content your prospects truly love. Watching key open-rates, conducting A/B testing, and making small tweaks to see an uptick in conversion rates is what our team thrives on.


Certainly, email marketing is a challenge – one that requires constant attention and finessing. While you continue to operate the inner workings of your company, we’ll be fine-tuning your email campaigns all in-line with your business goals.

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