Get to Know Tyler Cady

“Not everyone can be mistake-free like me.” -Tyler Cady 

One of the first things you notice about Tyler Cady after meeting him is his sense of humor. He likes to have fun! He’s not above cracking a friendly joke at a teammate’s (usually Cody’s) expense—though to his credit, he takes the jabs directed in his direction equally well. 

(Plus, he once walked face-first into a support pillar when his eyes were too glued to his phone. So go ahead and take “mistake-free” with a grain of salt.) 

But you’ll also quickly find out he takes his work very seriously, too. 

Tyler is our Chief Operating Officer at CP Solutions. That means he takes a very active role in the day-to-day operations of the company and meets frequently with both team members and clients. 

Tyler was brought on in February of 2017 to give us another steady hand on the wheel, during a time of growth for our company. Among other things, he helps us tremendously with setting long-term goals, strategy, and policy. 

But despite the successes—increased staffing, revenue growth, office expansions—the road hasn’t always been an easy one. 

“What we do is so complex. There was a long learning process! I had some of the most difficult, most stressful days of my working career here those first few months.” 

Fortunately, any early fears of failure he may have had were quickly put to rest. 

“A big part of it is the quality of individuals. Everyone has been extraordinarily welcoming and great to work with. They’re good teachers, too! And we work for a very generous and caring CEO. I’ve been fortunate—it’s a good reason I’ve actually been able to catch on! 

“When you’re surrounded by that much excellence, you almost can’t help but succeed.” 

Tyler grew up in Grand Ledge, a city in Mid-Michigan just west of the state capital of Lansing. 

He went straight into restaurant management after high school, working his way up to general manager positions for two large restaurants with more than 100 employees. On the way, he relocated to Kalamazoo, a city he still calls home. 

Tyler eventually went back to school to get his bachelor’s in business finance and master’s in business administration. That opened the door for another career switch as a senior enrollment manager for the University of Phoenix, a position he held for 8 years—shortly before joining us here at CP Solutions. 

When he’s not on the clock 

You can usually find Tyler and his family somewhere enjoying the great outdoors. His rural residence on the eastern outskirts of Kalamazoo offers ample opportunity to light the bonfire, set up the card table, and crank up the country music without worrying about upsetting the neighbors! On the weekends you might catch him out on the lake, riding a quad, or camping. 

Tyler is a proud dad to three teenage children—two sons and a daughter. All three officially joined the family permanently on Michigan Adoption Day (November 25) in 2014, after spending time as his foster children. 

His experience growing up with a loving and strong mother—and seeing friends and schoolmates who didn’t receive the love and support they needed from their parents—helped push him toward fostering and adopting. 

“I saw kids that didn’t have that. Who is there to celebrate milestones? Be at graduation? Send them to college? Help them deal with their first breakup? Who cares?” 

No doubt there have been struggles along the way. But there are also no regrets. 

“I’ve never believed that blood creates love. The way you love and care about each other, and the connection you have with one another, is what truly makes a family.” 

Tyler’s commute is indisputably the worst on the team: a solid hour each way, even in the best of conditions. So why keep doing it? According to Tyler, there are two big factors. The first one is team culture. 

“I’ve never worked anywhere where both the CEO and the employees care about me the way they do here. Ownership encourages us to take more time off, rather than making employees feel like dirt for not being in the office long enough at an inconvenient time. It’s a real family-oriented culture.” 

The second factor? The chance to help others succeed. 

“Watching a client go from struggling to succeeding—and seeing how everything we do on a daily basis is a catalyst for that success? That’s what really gets me excited.” 

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