Meet Don Huntley


Every workplace has that one employee who will take some creative liberties on things—one who, when asked to share a fun fact for a team building exercise, will make up a story about diving a plane into the Gulf of Mexico.

Don Huntley, our video marketing specialist, is that one employee here at CP Solutions, and we’re quite happy about that.
Don is an east Michigan native who joined us on the west side of the state in October 2017. He has always had a bent for creative production, starting with media courses that were offered to him in high school.

Filming broadcasts and short videos of school events was an enjoyable part of his upbringing, and helped him learn the basics of video work. Even so, there was another outlet that called to him during his college years. 

In addition to film chops, Don is also an accomplished musician.

He performed as lead guitarist, songwriter, and manager for a hard rock band called Cipher Six. The name was chosen from a book, even though the band had only five members.

“People would ask where our sixth member was,” Don said. “We’d say that we used to be a polka band but our accordion player departed, so we’re just making do the best we could.”

Don’s musical inclinations almost led him to pursue music theory at Central Michigan University. He reconsidered, however, and took up applied arts instead after thinking back to what he loved doing most in high school.

While Don likes to take a lighthearted approach to discourse with his co-workers, he takes a serious approach to client video. He’s eager to take every challenge head-on.

Whether he’s editing video already shot by a client or taking control of the reigns of filming, he knows that every situation requires a different touch. Sometimes that means going off the beaten path and exploring where it leads, but he’s excited to give new possibilities a try. 

“It’s a balance of a systematic approach but also trying new concepts to achieve new or better results,” he said.

This creative liberty when it comes to work means considering each client’s business and goals separately.

“Everything doesn’t work for every single person. You can’t just bank on the fact that what worked for one client will work for another. There is a lot of problem solving; not the same day-in, day-out.”

Outside of work, Don has directed his passions for video and music in new directions

Instead of touring with a band, he records music with another performer for presentation on YouTube. He is also planning on a blog explaining the processes behind this project as a resource for people who are new to recording.

Screenwriting is also something Don works on in his spare time. His current goal is to produce several short, locally shot screenplays. He feels the best way to learn about how to do the whole of the work efficiently is to dive in and try it himself.

So when we want some creative advice on getting the best out of a client’s video plan, we, of course, go to Don. Partly because of his expertise, and partly because we might get a fun story out of it in the process.

“Funning around and laughing with someone brings you back to a childhood ideal where laughing is all you do—all you do is make each other laugh,” Don said. “I try to be lighthearted with people.”

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