5 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Google Ads Results


Google Ads might feel like an almost insultingly easy proposition at first glance: toss Google some extra bucks and they’ll put your links on top. What could be more capitalist than that?

And when used well, Google Ads really can be an outstanding resource in building your traffic and customers—one that can pay for itself easily. However, there are many companies who set up an Ads account but come away less than thrilled by the results.

It turns out that Google’s ad program is not as direct and simple as it looks!

At CP Solutions, we engage with our clients’ Google Ads accounts on a steady basis. This is not a “set and forget” tool. It takes research and strategy if you want the best results—especially if you have competition vying for the same customers in your area!

We often recommend Ads as a sound investment in a digital marketing strategy, and the techniques below help our clients achieve higher returns on investment.

Research Your Keywords

Keyword research is a crucial part of ad configuration that tends to receive less thought than it should. When considering what words to focus on in your campaign the most obvious ones might be the most expensive.

This is natural depending on your market, and not necessarily wrong to still pursue in many cases. But you shouldn’t leave other possibilities off the table.

Keywords should not just be about what you do or provide, but the ways in which you provide those goods and services as well. You should even consider parts of questions someone might want to ask into Google, such as “where to buy a bicycle.”

A keyword planner can help you see which terms are most widely used and more likely to give you hits when used in your ad program.

Use Exact Match Targeting (at Least to Start)

Google Ads works on a pay-per-click basis, and your budget is depleted no matter who does it—whether that’s a future customer or someone who stumbled in on accident.

So if you are using looser criteria for matching (such as broad or phrase matching), your ads might show up for more people … but some of those people might not really be your key targets. It increases the odds of them clicking on you, quickly discovering you’re not what they want, and closing the tab. You lose out twice—you pay for the click, and don’t get the sale.

That’s why it’s wise to have tight control over the audience you want seeing your ads—at least when you’re just staring out with your campaigns. As more and more data comes in, you may uncover insights the point toward broader directions to venture out.

Experimenting with different types of matching at this time, especially with keywords that have been finding success, can be much more beneficial.

Tweak Your Copy

There are practices for increasing general click-through rates of ads, and you should follow them first.

An easy one (but one we still see not being used) is capitalizing more than just the first word of your ad. You might not think it makes much difference, but it holds just a bit more advertising authority in most eyes and can make a difference in whether someone clicks or not!

Switching up keywords and comparing different formats is not a bad idea, however. Something might work pretty well in your area, but there could be something that works spectacularly you could be working with instead. Also, trends change, even on a local level.

In other words, experiment and always be learning from your results—both good and bad.

Clear a Path to Conversion

When someone follows the siren’s call of your ad and clicks on it, what happens then?

Getting a potential customer to click on your ad is one thing, but following through into an actual purchase or appointment is another. Wise words about horses and water, right?

The “landing page” that visitors see after clicking on your ad should provide the easiest access possible to what they’re likely looking for—and the sale you’re trying to make. Think of the optimal end result and work backward from there.

If, for example, you’re offering a well-known, cut-and-dried product or service and you’re pretty sure your potential customer is looking to buy right away, you might want to link directly to a purchase or contact page. If, however, you’re something a little more novel or unique, you might need more educational information on the landing page to inform and interest the customer first.

Google’s own analytics can provide help with determining who is coming through the online door with your ad and help you act accordingly. This may often mean different keywords may link to different pages, and you shouldn’t be afraid to create as many new landing pages as appropriate!


Check Your Location

Depending on what you’re advertising, location can mean a lot. Narrow your location so ads show up only for people in the regions that can take advantage of what you have to offer.

In other words, if you’re selling landscaping services in Ohio, it doesn’t make sense to have people in California viewing and clicking on your ads! But even within your own home territory, you might decide to try restricting certain ads even tighter—a certain mile radius, even at the neighborhood level—depending on how they perform.

Your Ads Wranglers

A well-run Ads campaign demands plenty of attention—especially in the starting stages.
Not only that, but it also requires clean and well-established connections to the content on your website
and the ways people can access you.

CP Solutions isn’t just experienced with creating effective ad campaigns. We specialize in fitting all the pieces of a comprehensive and effective digital marketing plan together—paid adds, organic SEO, social media, content, graphics and more. From small tweaks to website overhauls, we provide strategies for businesses big and small.

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