Tim Latshaw

Content Specialist

As another one of our Content Specialists, Tim comes to us all the way from New York with a background in journalism and a degree in English. He also has experience as an Account Manager! From blogs and webpages to personal letters and brochures, he’ll help you find the words you need to inform, engage, and attract people to your business.

In high school, Tim’s friends called him “Wiz” and it’s not hard to see why. He handles every project with organized precision, and loves the fact that the work he does helps both our clients and their customers.

Tim is an avid gamer of all types. He’s even our resident trivia guru—seriously, he runs our daily trivia games! If you need a recommendation on a great new board game to play with friends—or an arcane piece of trivia about Nintendo—chances are very high that Tim will be able to help. When the weather is nice, he also enjoys running 5ks for fun and geocaching. Tim doesn’t have pets, but he takes great pride in the care he gives to his bonsai tree and bamboo plant.

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Zeeland, Michigan

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