Mallory Huizenga

Senior Project Manager

Say hello to Mallory! Whatever our clients need, she’s ready to jump in and get it done. From research to editing to social media writing – Mallory can do it all!

Having studied history and English, she has spent plenty of time delving into stories, reading, writing, and researching – all great experiences she uses every day. Mallory loves knowing what she does impacts the community. She also loves learning new things, and the endless supply of coffee available in our kitchen!

When she’s not in the office, you can likely spot her at a nearby coffee shop. Unless of course she’s strolling on the beach with her dog Findley, going for a hike, baking, memorizing poems, or eating hummus and pita chips. She also enjoys tending to her herb garden and bees– a hobby passed down by her Grandpa.

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