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Portraying Expertise Through A New Website

Dunham Accounting – a firm specializing in small business financial services – specifically focuses on the West Michigan area and came to CP Solutions with the challenge of establishing a fundamental website to help represent them.

Prior to coming to us, Dunham Accounting had not had a website and were experiencing issues with their Google results as their listings on the web were inaccurate or missing altogether. That’s where we came in!


Website Development
Search Engine Optimization
Click Through Rate Optimization
User Interface


Branding Refresh

After conducting our competitive analysis, we found a few key areas we could help Dunham Accounting take advantage of. One of which being rich, design-oriented experiences for the end user when compared to other websites of financial firms. 

It was also very important for us to utilize the strong blue and green of the client’s logo and strategically use it throughout the site to establish a hierarchy of important to guide users to our designated sales funnels. It’s a small detail but it has helped aid in establishing a strong conversion rate throughout Dunham Accounting’s website. 

SEO & Click Through Rate Optimization

No website is complete without proper search engine optimization; this is why Dunham Accounting – much like every site we develop – was optimized for local search intent in mind. This included listing setup and verification (ex. Google My Business), schema markup on their website and NAP (name, address, phone) consistency across their citations online.

Click through rate was also an important factor for us to place attention on. By optimizing what the end user would see when the website appears within local Google searches, we can fundamentally shift Google’s opinion on the click through rate percentage users are showing.

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