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Why We Prefer Inbound Marketing

We’re all about empowering our clients to work smarter with their money and to help deliver the best ROI possible. When compared to outbound marketing, inbound strategies have shown to be upwards of 10x more effective for increasing:

  • Website Traffic
  • Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Loyalty

What Exactly is Inbound Marketing?

The days of outbound marketing are long gone…

Consumers are sick and tired of being interrupted with flyers, press releases, billboards, and cold calls. People want useful, relevant, and educational information as it pertains to their unique needs, and they want to make it on their own terms.

Enter inbound marketing. This approach allows you to directly market to qualified leads when they’re ready and already searching for answers.

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Pushing your product on people is not the answer…

…though making it easier to find when users need it certainly is. The goal is to properly equip and educate people to make truly informed purchasing decisions — of course, the smartest buyers will be choosing you.

With inbound marketing…

…we conduct a systematic approach to pull a multitude of elements together: website optimization, content development, lead generation, email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media management. Once all of these efforts are combined in a strategic manner, amazing results that make your business thrive can be acheived.

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The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Once you align your company’s marketing efforts with the specific pain points and interests of your prospects, you’ll see the organic traffic to your website begin to build, your leads will close, and your customers will be delighted over-time thanks to the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

Below is the natural progression most customers go through when beginning a relationship with a new business.



When in the attract phase, users are likely a stranger to your brand. This requires you to build brand awareness, grow your reach, and begin to increase the traffic arriving to your website.


Once visitors start arriving to your website, the next step is to get them to “convert” into leads or share their direct contact information with you for future marketing efforts.


Awesome, you’ve got a lead! Now what? Within the “close” phase, you’re striving to take leads that may not be in a purchasing decision yet and navigate them through the buying process with timely content.


Yay! You’ve now acquired a new customer. It’s now time to strengthen your relationship with them to encourage a continued partnership, referrals, and even reviews. You want to “delight” customers so they become your promoters.

Essentials of Inbound Marketing

An effective inbound marketing strategy starts and ends with a strong foundation of the following elements.

Buyer Personas & Journeys

Personas outline a fictional avatar/profile of your ideal customer while a buyer journey outlines the course they would typically take toward becoming a paying customer. These elements allow us to understand the interests, pain points, and behaviors of your audience on a deep level so we can properly align our content and strategies to resonate with them.


Memorable Content

Content is at the core of any inbound marketing effort or strategy. It’s the glue that holds the rest of our elements together. Depending on your unique goals and audience specifics, we may include blogs, videos, surveys, infographics, and much more.

Inbound Marketing Website

Custom-designed from the ground up, an inbound marketing website is focused on lead generation & conversion, content development, and user experience in mind. It is built directly on a content management system, making it easy to update, maintain, and improve — an essential component of a successful inbound strategy.

Advanced Analytics

We take large strides to gather as much useful information about your website and specific content as possible. Doing so allows us to properly gauge what works within your marketing performance as it relates to website traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates, etc. We accomplish this through powerful tools such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, Raven Tools, Vendasta and others.

How We Help Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

We’re here to help you establish and build upon a powerful inbound marketing foundation, which starts with the following:


Create a Strategy

Whether it’s your first involvement with inbound marketing or you’re looking to further refine your current efforts, we’re here to help. We start by strategizing and focusing efforts around your current marketing, content, and business goals. To set you off on a strong note, some “growth hacks” will be implemented so you can begin seeing immediate results.


Establish Marketing Essentials

We are here to take on the technical work, which includes the initial development of your buyer personas, content planning and development, and the design and launch of your website. In addition to these initial elements, we integrate different software and tools to put your strategy into action (e.g. HubSpot, Google Analytics, HubSpot CRM, etc.).

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Implement the Methodology

From top to bottom, our team is stacked with seasoned specialists ranging from graphic designers to local SEO experts and web developers. Bottom line: we have the marketing acumen and creative and technical expertise to build the right strategy to hit your key prospects.

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Analyze & Execute

Sure, software can give you a glimpse into what is going on with your marketing efforts, but we’ll be here to show you the elements that truly matter and help you capitalize upon them. As we work in tandem, benchmarks will be established, we’ll conduct data analysis on your marketing performance, and then take steps to further refine and improve your marketing efforts.

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