Hunter Nemmers

Social Media Strategist

Hunter is an alumnus of Northwood University and our team’s Social Media Strategist. In this position, Hunter engages on client social media accounts, strategizes and develops social media campaigns, collects and analyzes campaign data, and adjusts campaigns (when necessary). Prior to joining our agency, he performed graphic design, print and print layout, social media marketing, and tech system tasks—along with a variety of odd jobs in related fields.

In his spare time, Hunter watches tv shows and movies, plays video games, goes to the gym, and plays with his dog. When it comes to food choices, he’s a big fan of sushi. Oh yeah—Hunter’s also a lead singer and guitarist in a country band! Naturally, this means he really loves creating music and a favorite summertime activity of his is playing guitar on the front porch.

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Zeeland, Michigan

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