Erik Riffle

Design Coordinator

When Erik came to us, his previous professional experience had been working with a very small group that had little interaction. As such, he was excited to have an opportunity to work in a more communal environment. In his role as Design Coordinator, Erik works specifically with our technology/digital team to produce designs for web, social, and even some in-house projects. One of the things that he especially enjoys about the position is being able to blend his logic-driven mind and fascination with art to create graphic designs that serve practical purposes for our clients.

Outside of the office, Erik enjoys watching movies, hitting the beach (in the summer), staying inside where it’s warm (in the winter), and spending time with his wife. If money weren’t a concern, the first thing he’d buy is his dream car—an Opel Speedster. Given the opportunity, he would love to take a trip around Europe.

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Zeeland, Michigan

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