Best Social Media Practices
(for Your Brand!)

If you know what you’re doing, social media marketing can be highly effective in growing your business.

Want to capitalize on the remarkable power of human connection to grow your business? Then you need to be in the social media game—not sitting on the sidelines! 

In case you didn’t realize how powerful social media is as a marketing tool, consider these two facts from HubSpot: 

  1. Every month, two billion people are active on Facebook, one billion use Instagram, and 365 million people are tweeting on Twitter.
  2. Almost 8 out of 10 people in U.S. have at least one social media account.

Those are worth noting because social media marketing can boost website traffic and create excitement for your brand. (And we’re talking about some integral elements for successful business growth in 2019.) 

Of course, as you’ll see, how you use social media matters. What works for Wendy’s—a true social media champ—isn’t necessarily going to work for you.


Social Media
(Part One)


Social Media
(Part Two)

See What We’ll Cover!

Part One

The best practices for social media marketing change almost as quickly as the weather in West Michigan. (“Just wait five minutes…” right?) Fortunately, our team stays current in the latest developments—and now we’re sharing these valuable insights with you.  

In our first social media marketing class, we’ll cover: 

  • A quick, basic overview of each platform 
  • The importance of consistent branding and how it relates to brand awareness 
  • Facebook Business Manager—and why it makes sense for your marketing 
  • The best days/times to post for your target market (since not all markets are the same) 
  • Online etiquette—including what to post and not to post from a company account
Part Two

Our two-part series on social media continues with a more data-driven look into the numbers you should be collecting on a regular basis, and what you can do with them. 

Take this course and you will learn: 

  • The differences between—and respective benefits for—organic and paid social
  • How to optimize your Facebook ads
  • The importance of gathering social media metrics
  • How to analyze social media metrics—and what to do with the data
  • How to interpret your Facebook analytics

The “fine print” (in normal-sized font)

How many spots are available?

Only 12 seats (per class)

What times are the classes?

5:30 – 7:30pm

Will there be food?

Yes! We are providing food and beverages!

How much does this exclusive training opportunity cost?

The classes are $85 each.

Why so little?

Sure, we know we could easily fill the room at twice (maybe three times) that cost, but this isn’t about profit for our agency—it’s about commitment to our main goal: 

Boosting our local economy by helping West Michigan companies grow. 

    When can I register?

    Registration is open from now until one (1) week prior to each class. Given that seats are limited, we recommend securing your spot today.

    How can I register?

    Easy. Fill out the form above! Afterward, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page to ensure you are registered and good to go.

    If you would like more information, have any questions, or need help registering, please don’t hesitate to either give us a call—(833) 622-0907—or feel free to connect with us online.

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