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We have colleagues here at CP Solutions who certainly love being in the spotlight. No matter whether we’re talking about ones who actually spend time on the stage performing or simply those who enjoy telling stories and having the focus on them when we’re all gathered together, some of us really enjoy attention.

That’s not Amanda.

If it were up to her, this Spotlight feature would be on Ranger (more on him in a moment) – and that simple notion speaks volumes to who she is in a couple of different ways.

As a starting point, Amanda is just fine not receiving too much attention.

Unfortunately for her, she was next up in our CPS Spotlight rotation, and that rotation is set in stone and absolutely cannot be changed at all. But let’s put the focus back on Amanda…

So, as we were saying, she prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Her preference is to be doing, well, just about anything outdoors. Hiking, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and fly fishing are some of her favorite activities.

And Amanda’s favorite place to do those things is at her family’s cabin out in Wyoming (the state, not the Grand Rapids suburb!).

The family cabin is on the top of a mountain, but this doesn’t mean it’s as completely isolated as people might think. There are some neighbors around and a couple of places to get food or beverages. But it’s much different than city life.

For example, it isn’t terribly often you can sit on your porch in Grand Rapids and have moose and deer come right up and eat out of your hand!

Amanda loves spending time out west at the cabin, and would like to eventually live out there in the mountains if things work out that way.

Of course, no matter where Amanda is, you can bet she’ll have her trusty companion Ranger with her (whenever possible).

As is the case with most of the CPS staff, Amanda loves animals. Prior to this past fall, the furry friends who had captured her heart were her parents’ three border collies. She still absolutely adores them, but the collies now take a backseat to Ranger, the German shorthair and Catahoula mix she and her boyfriend adopted following Hurricane Harvey.

Ranger being a “rescue dog” is something that also speaks to who Amanda is – she has a big heart, which makes her incredibly kind and friendly.

Those are already qualities that qualify her as being an awesome team member—for those of us who are lucky to work with her, and our clients (who benefit from her truly caring about the work she does for them)—but she’s also very hard working. And that’s something she picked up from one of her biggest role models.

When asked about any role models in her life, Amanda said it was an easy choice: her parents.

Her mom and dad have been instrumental in both showing her what it is like to build a life with your best friend. She says her parents do pretty much everything together and is particularly inspired by the way they basically packed up everything and headed to California when they were young. They also provided her with many opportunities.

Going back to the fact Amanda’s strong work ethic was influenced by her father, she really likes this quote from him:

“Success doesn’t depend on how smart you are; it depends
on how bad you want it and how hard you work at it.”

Hard work ultimately enabled Amanda’s father to build a couple of different companies and, in turn, this enabled her to see other parts of the world when she was younger – including China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Being able to go overseas like that sparked a love of travel and going to new places. In response to where she would like to go, but hasn’t yet, the top of her list is Australia and New Zealand.

(That said, Amanda thinks anywhere near a beach is a good choice for a vacation!)

Clearly, Amanda loves traveling and considers herself to be fortunate to have had such opportunities, but she also can appreciate being in town as well.

For our blog post “Best Places to Eat and Drink in West Michigan,” Amanda’s choice for eating was Donkey Taqueria. When asked about any favorite dishes there, she said that it feels like she’s always having something different and is generally quite happy with whatever she orders.

Perhaps even better than going out to eat, though, is grilling her own food at home!

Regarding favorite places to grab a drink in Grand Rapids, her top choice is Pickwick tavern (one of the two oldest bars in the city), but she’s generally good with any hole-in-the-wall bar. And it’s even better if there’s live music – although you won’t find that at Pickwick.

Despite her laidback, easygoing demeanor, Amanda does have a competitive side as well. In fact, she played varsity soccer for four years at her high school on the east side of the state, and then for two years on Central Michigan’s club team.

Additionally, Amanda was also on her school’s equestrian team. And when she goes out to the family cabin, she doesn’t pass up the chance to do some horseback riding.

When it comes to CP Solutions and her favorite part of working here, she says it’s an easy call– the people. Amanda really enjoys being part of an amazing team, and has a lot of fun interacting with and learning about everyone.

In addition to the team, something that was a surprising answer to what she likes about working here was actually the commute.

As is the case with about half of the CPS team, Amanda lives in Grand Rapids and drives to our Zeeland office every morning. She thinks this commute is decent, especially because most people are driving into GR while she’s heading to the office, and vice versa on the way home.

At CP Solutions, we are very glad she makes that commute every day! She’s an outstanding colleague – one who makes the office a better place and is dedicated to giving her best to our clients.

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